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02 Feb news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.9 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.9 Update

– Fixed a problem with key switching multiple groups – Fixed a problem with toggle button – Fixed a problem with group pan knob – ADSR time range is increased – Use a fast release time upon choke or monophonic


18 Jul news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.8 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.8 Update

– fixed note cutoff/shifting problem when running on Windows – fixed a crash when loading large player GUI


23 Feb news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.7 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.7 Update

The note triggering buttons will now reflect the MIDI input


22 Nov news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.6 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.6 Update

– Fixed the audio phasing problem when offline rendering with GUI open – Fixed the EXS24 parsing problem for files generated by the new Logic Pro X


06 Oct news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.5 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.5 Update

– Improved audio quality in offline render mode – Added the popup menu item for moving groups forward or backward in editor – Note action is reelected on the keyboard now – Pitch bend controls are now properly initialized and updated – Tuning is respected even in static pitch mode now


07 Jul news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.4 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.4 Update

– Fixed a problem in disk streaming that may cause buffer underrun – Added note triggering button action – Added group pan property


04 May news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.2.3 Update

Maize Sampler 2.2.3 Update

– Fixed a resampling artifact between buffer boundary – Fixed a crash when loading protected instrument


10 Mar news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.22 Update

Maize Sampler 2.22 Update

– Added the fader control in the GUI editor – Fixed the missing GUI problem when multiple instances of AU player are loaded – Fixed a problem where the MIDI note could stuck when opening the player GUI – Fixed a problem that the reverb is not properly stored – Fixed a problem that the […]


19 Jan news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.21 update

Maize Sampler 2.21 update

– Fixed a missing note problem when running multiple player instance – Fixed the Mac VST instrument and vendor name problem – Fixed a current group label bug – Fixed a sustain control issue – Fixed a problem with reverb


30 Oct news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.20 Update

Maize Sampler 2.20 Update

– Fixed a crash when unloading the player – Fixed a possible resampling artifact in the engine – Added the multiple output channel support (16 out) – Upgraded to JUCE 2.0 application framework – Fixed a problem related group selection in player – Combo box does not have focus outline anymore