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09 Jul news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.9.4 Released

Maize Sampler 2.9.4 Released

- Added cross fade duration options. - Fixed a problem of crossfade in player. - Allow batch change sample and loop range. - Add old reverb fallback.


24 Dec news, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.9.3 Released

Maize Sampler 2.9.3 Released

Added cross fade option for looping samples.


17 Dec news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.9.2 Released

Maize Sampler 2.9.2 Released

- Fixed a bug that generated players are under the vendor. - Fixed a bug in group parameter automation.


24 Sep news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.9.1 Released

Maize Sampler 2.9.1 Released

Added horizontal mode for faders. Allow level meter to be horizontal if the provided image is wide. Allow cab simulation to run independently with distortion effect. Fixed a bug when syncing delay tempo with host.


10 Sep news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.9.0 Released

Maize Sampler 2.9.0 Released

Added more effects like distortion, delay and chorus. Added the VU meter UI component, also allow custom film strip component to have to custom frame size. Fixed a bug when importing EXS file. Fixed a bug when triggering note in legato mode.


06 May news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.8.4 Released

Maize Sampler 2.8.4 Released

Better parameter automation. Allow sub-folder structures in the instruments folder. Double click to reset a knob’s value.


01 Apr news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.8.3 Released

Maize Sampler 2.8.3 Released

Better EXS import compatibility. Fixed a preset restore problem when reloading player in host.


15 Mar news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.8.2 Released

Maize Sampler 2.8.2 Released

Allow mse files to be placed at a different location by asking users to choose if no instrument is found. Add visit vendor website action to button.


05 Mar news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.8.1 Released

Maize Sampler 2.8.1 Released

Fixed the missing icon from the Windows editor. Fixed a bug in group tuning property. Allow expiration and serial number to used combined in copy protection.


25 Feb news | Comments Off on Maize Sampler 2.8.0 Released

Maize Sampler 2.8.0 Released

New server based player plugin generation process. Native apple silicon support. Better VST2/VST3/AU plugin compatibilty. Fixed crash and group selection problem when reloading a host project. Added group tune property.