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Maize Company was founded in 1995. It is not a real company yet. You can take it as an organization named “Maize Company” or an unregistered company.

Tao Zhang, Yuan Jiang and Xiang Cao created Maize Company at middle school in Xianyang, Shaanxi, China. At that time, they were all fourth-grade elementary school students. Common interests made them together to start this adventure. The early period of the company, they were mainly focused on self-made products and tried to sell them in the class. Because of the success of this model, more and more so called companies are founded in the class to compete with Maize Company.

You might think these “companies” are just kids’ game. However, Maize Company didn’t think this way. They have keeped operating this company for decades, during which there is prosperity and there is also desperation. The product lines also changes as they growing up. From drawing comics at the beginning to software development nowadays, there are a lot of epic stories happened in between.

With the development of information technology, Maize Company aimed at software industry. In 1999, Maize Company started its first website and then developed a batch of popular mini games and application software. These experiences made a very good foundation for Maizesoft.

Today, Maize Company has a focus of digital audio and music software research and development. They hope they can combine the technology with arts and bring the fantastic musical experience to everyone.